Employee Holiday Traditions

December 17th, 2016 by

The seasons bring families and friends together and for some it is time for family traditions.  Unique or not, big or small, almost all families have Christmas/holiday traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation or may have even been created last year!

We always ask customers for their stories when they enter the dealership, so for the holiday season we wanted to give some insight on our employees.  For this post we asked a few of our employees what some of their holiday traditions were.

Here are their answers:

Doug Roessing our General Manager said, “my family always attended midnight mass, and afterwards my parents always let me and my siblings open up just ONE early Christmas present.  We were always ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get home that night!  The second tradition is, my family had a Christmas train that was passed down from my aunt and uncle.  We always had it going around our Christmas tree throughout the holiday.”

Megan Palmer our General Ledger Accountant said, “my sisters and I always used to wake up super early and go through our stockings and then put everything back and acted like nothing happened, when clearly our parents knew about it!  Also, on Christmas day our whole family always goes up to the mountains, even to this day we still keep that tradition alive!”

Deb Causey one of our Motorclothes Consultants said, “my husband and I would always make our kids sleep in the same bedroom on Christmas Eve and we would go outside and make reindeer noises and in the morning our kids would always say that they heard Santa and his reindeer!”

Megan Vogeli said, “everyone in our family always used to get together on Christmas Eve and make Hurstalla, a Yugoslavian dessert (it’s delish!), since we have gotten older we can’t all get together on Christmas Eve and do it but we still make it a point to all make it and enjoy it during the Christmas holidays!”

All of us at Riverside Harley-Davidson want to know what your holiday traditions are and hope that you all have a very happy holidays!

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