Motorcycle Awareness Month!

May 6th, 2015 by

With May being Motorcycle Awareness month, states around the world use this month to educate everyone on recognizing motorcyclists on the road and to encourage all riders to be careful and safe out on the open road.

Here is a photo of our Proclamation recognizing May as Motorcycle Awareness Month in May of 2010 (it is located in the customer lounge)

Motorcycle Awareness Month

Below are some friendly tips for both motorist and motorcyclist:

As a Motorist:

Give motorcyclists enough room

– Always look twice before entering an intersection

– Treat a motorcycle as a vehicle

As a Motorcyclist:

Always keep your head on a swivel (so to speak)

– Constantly check your surroundings

– Make sure cars will stop at the stop signs and red lights

– Always be prepared for an accident to happen in case a motorist does not stop at one of those

For a Motorcyclist the numbers one way to keep your self safe, is to take a Motorcycle Training course.  Here at the dealership we have a Riders Academy Training Course in-house.

**Please contact the dealership and ask for Jim Bridges our Riding Coach.

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