Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

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2016 Harley-Davidson CVO™ Road Glide® UltraIf you really love your motorcycle, you’ll do a whole lot more than just polish the chrome and fill up the fuel tank once in a while. Your bike needs regular maintenance in order to keep running like new. Here at Riverside Harley-Davidson in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire, CA area, our service team is on hand to help with all your maintenance needs. Whenever you stop by we’ll be happy to help make sure that your bike is running like the day it rolled out of the factory. Read on for a few of the most important maintenance tips that we can offer.

Maintenance Tips for Your Motorcycle

Taking care of your motorcycle is easy – at least if you follow these simple maintenance tips:

  • Read the owner’s manual – and follow it! Even if you’d prefer not to believe it, the people that built your bike know more about it than you do. You can do yourself a favor by just following the directions in your owner’s manual when it comes to maintenance!
  • Break it in correctly. Guidelines for the first few hundred and first few thousand miles will be listed in your bike’s owner’s manual. Generally you want to keep things relatively low and slow at first.
  • Change the oil. The best way to keep your engine running like new – and running at all – is to make sure your oil is changed on time. You also want to use the right lubricant for your bike. Again, check the manual.
  • Clean or replace the air filter. Your motorcycle requires good air to run, so do it a favor and replace the air filter regularly – especially if you ride in a dusty or dirty environment.
  • Check the tires. You want your tires to be aired up to the right level at all times – this can help optimize handling, improve fuel economy, and when it comes right down to it, the right pressure helps keep you safe!

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