Riverside Harley-Davidson Tattoo Marathon

March 16th, 2015 by

Here at Riverside Harley-Davidson we decided to have a Friday the 13th Tattoo Marathon!  We had Vetoe and Archie from Zombie Tattoo come down and tattoo any customer who wanted a $13 lucky tattoo with a $7 good luck tip, or if they wanted to get a Riverside H-D one, it was on us!!  Lets just say it was definite hit!

From 2pm-7pm there was a line of 10-12 people deep throughout that time frame.  We were able to get pictures of some of the tattoos were done, but some we had missed!  Check out some of them below and i’ll fill you in on a little secret, we may be doing one again next time a Friday the 13th rolls around!

**if you got a tattoo here and we missed a photo of it, please post it to our page or tag us in it!!

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